Creative Partnership



Thank you for your partnership consideration of one of the Midwest’s fastest growing bands! In 2019 the Adam Capps Band performed nearly 150 concerts throughout the Midwest. In 2020 they look to grow their brand even more by releasing new music and performing at new venues throughout the country. Their latest single, “The Circus" is the follow up release to “One More Song”, which was a top 60 song on the Music Row Radio Charts.

By partnering with the band you will be guaranteed to have your company presented to the ever growing crowd that attends concerts, follows the band on social media, and purchases their music. Partnering with the Adam Capps Band can mean everything from your logo on all promotional tools, social media marketing, your business being made known at live performances, and many more opportunities!

Below you will find 4 levels of partnership proposals to choose from. WE ARE OPEN TO ALTERNATE SPONORSHIP OPTIONS AND IDEAS. Your company will be able to speak with a representative to individualize a format that will work best for you. Dispersion of funds can be discussed and may be a onetime payment or an ongoing premium. Funds will be used for, but not limited to; promotional products, merchandise, instrument gear, travel expenses, studio time, CD production, etc.  Once again, we thank you for your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to better each other’s businesses!

-All package descriptions are per month and can be a one-time payment or multiple

-All packages can be altered and individualized to fit your needs

BRONZE: $100 Monthly, $1000 Annual (one time)

  1. Logo on ALL social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) advertisement photos/videos starting from the beginning of partnership.
  2. Occasional mentions at live events
  3. Logo and link to your website on

SILVER: $150 Monthly, $1500 Annual (one time)

  2. Two tickets to any and all Adam Capps Band events (will need prior notice)
  3. Autographed merchandise package

GOLD: $300 Monthly, $3000 Annual (one time)

  2. Description of business, logo, and contact information on
  3. Mentions at ALL live events
  4. 3 Tickets to any Adam Capps Band event (will need prior notice)
  5. Logo on Adam Capps Band banner at live events
  6. Logo on Facebook cover photo
  7. Autographed merchandise package

PLATINUM: $500 Monthly, $5000 Annual

  2. 4 tickets to any Adam Capps Band event (will need prior notice)
  3. Paid social media ad with description of company and their partnership with the Adam Capps Band (4 times annually if paid for the full year)
  4. Logo on Adam Capps Band T-shirts and other merchandise material
  5. Logo on homepage of
  6. Autographed merchandise package

In the event of a conflict of affiliations and sponsorship at different venues a representative will speak with the partnering company about a resolution.